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Our Programs

2-Year Khoji Program

Swaraj University offers a two year learning program for youth ages 18-28. The focus of the program is on self-designed learning, community living, transformational leadership and social entrepreneurship, within the context of ecological sustainability and social justice.


Discover Farmversities, an innovative platform connecting farmers, researchers, and enthusiasts. Explore sustainable agriculture practices, exchange knowledge, and foster collaborations for a thriving agricultural community.

Swapathgami Workshop

Swaraj University hosts short 3-7 day unlearning workshops in Udaipur throughout the year. These are open to learners of all ages. You get the opportunity to dive into a specific theme with an experienced guide, meet an amazing community of like-minded seekers and get to experience life as a khoji on our campus.

Complexity University

Complexity University offers courses - and community - to guide and accompany you on your journey into complexity leadership. We will equip you with the practices, relationships, and inner resources needed to be effective at tackling our world’s greatest challenges.

Swaraj Jail University

The Swaraj Jail University project began in October 2018 with the purpose of prototyping a self-designed learning program in the Udaipur Central Jail. The purpose is to help inmates explore their passions, gain practical skills, and re-ignite self-esteem, leadership and life vision in the face of the numerous challenges of incarcerated life.

Unschoolers Ecovillage

This is our invitation for families with children who are already on the journey of unschooling or who are just beginning the unschooling path to come live with us as a part of the Swaraj University family on our campus as “Anchor Family Members” for a minimum of 2 years. It is a fantastic opportunity to get your feet wet, learn, experiment and help build a new model for humanity.

"All revolutions are spiritual at the source. All my activities have a sole purpose of achieving a union of hearts."

                                   ~Vinoba Bhave

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