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Imagine if youth of today...

  • Were equipped with the skills to deal creatively with complexity, uncertainty, collapse and change in the world?

  • Had a personal vision of and commitment to building healthy and resilient communities and lifestyles?

  • Were able to put their ideas and dreams for social change into real action?

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The 2-Year Khoji Program

The two-year Khoji Program at Swaraj University engages with learners, ages 18-28, to ‘self-design’ their own learning paths. Rather than being dependant on external exams and motivational frameworks to drive one’s education, we believe in supporting each learner to reclaim their power (autonomy and responsibility) to design their own learning program and life.


This self-designed learning process invites learners to identify their heart-visions for a ‘good life’ and supports them in building the skills, relationships, perspectives and practices they need to manifest those visions in the real world. We believe in learning by doing, learning by making mistakes, learning by reflecting and learning by sharing. Our inspiration for self-designed learning and its commitment to excellence and humility comes from the 5000 year old story of Eklavya.

Swaraj University offers a strong focus on self-awareness, unlearning, skill-building, social entrepreneurship and sustainable community living. Decisions regarding day-to-day functioning is done through a form of democratic decision-making with a space for each person in the Swaraj University community to express his/her needs, objections and proposals.

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What happens at Swaraj University?

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you into something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Since 2010, we have had more than 150 learners participate in Swaraj University's two-year Khoji Program. They have joined from all over India, from different socio-economic backgrounds, from ages 17 - 30. There is a strong diversity of interests and perspectives within each cohort. This oftentimes results in intense discussions and challenging situations. But we have witnessed profound learning breakthroughs and strong bonds of friendship and trust amongst the group that transcend the barriers of age, class and language.
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Meet some Khojis

"The world is our classroom."

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Khoji Projects in the Real World

"The mainstream university prepares us for the deadlihoods economy and jobs that serve the global corporations and the industrial-military complex. The planet needs a new vision of education that focuses on 'alivelihoods' - the kinds of careers and economies that make our spirits, our local communities and our natural ecosystems come alive again."

We have a rich network of over 1000 well-respected faculty-mentors all over the country to support khojis in building their skills, networks and perspectives. They include artisans, healers, farmers, fishermen, ecologists, chefs, designers, upcyclers, filmmakers, artists, musicians, activists, journalists, facilitators, eco-engineers, eco-architects, alternative educators, tribal communities, social workers, coaches, grandmothers and children. We also have strong relationships with more than 500 companies and NGOs and with more than 200 alternative universities in 40 countries.

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Some Organizations Khojis Have Worked With

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There is NO degree or certificate required to join Swaraj University, and we do not give any degrees after the programs.  We are part of Healing Ourselves from the Diploma Disease national campaign which invites employers to say NO to degrees and certificates and instead focus on real skills and experiences. We support khojis in creating their own learning portfolios and building their own startups so that they become job-creators and not job-beggars.

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Parents' Voices & Reflections

"When you know how to listen and sense deeply, every living being is a potential guru."

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