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Admission Process

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Details about the admission process

The admission process has been designed with care to help you and us mutually understand whether we are a good match.

Here's the 4 step process to join the program.

STEP 1 : Go Through Our Website Thoroughly and Register

After reading the website thoroughly, register for any one of the Orientation meets.

Register Here

After registration, you will receive a confirmation mail with details about when to finish the Step 2, and details of the Orientation meet; what to bring, how to reach, etc.

STEP 2 – E-mail Your Introduction

Sending your introduction is a pre-requisite for joining the Orientation meet.

Tell us your story. Write to us describing
1. You, your life experiences, choices, decisions.
2. What are you doing currently?
3. Why do you want to join Swaraj University?
4. What do you dream for yourself and for the world? 

​This document should not be more than three pages. We do not want any standard CV or resume formats. Your introduction can also be a short video / audio clip. 
Be creative and show us who you are. We really want to know you.
Once ready, mail us your introduction to with the subject marked ‘Intro for Orientation’. The target date for sending us your response is 7 days before the Orientation starts.

If you are reading this after the target date then call us on +91-8764279302 and we will try and find a creative option.

STEP 3 – Attend the Orientation Meet

Attending any one of the Orientation meets is also a pre-requisite for joining Swaraj University. We strongly recommend and encourage you to attend the Orientation meet with your parents/guardians/those who are key stakeholders in your decision making.

The purpose of the Orientation meet is to give you an opportunity to

  • Gain a deeper and more holistic understanding of the process of learning at Swaraj University

  • Get answers to most of your questions about Swaraj University

  • Meet Khojis (learners) who are already on this journey

  • Speak to facilitators of the program about your personal journey

  • Understand whether you should explore this path further

  • See the campus

During your Orientation meet you along with the Swaraj University team will be able to decide whether this program is serving your needs and whether you should participate in Step 4.

During the Orientation meet all applicants will be staying on the campus and parents will be accommodated on a first-cum-first basis. The Orientation meets are also held in the spirit of gift culture.To know more about this please read our Concept of Contribution. The suggested contribution is Rs. 2000 per person attending the orientation meet. You could contribute more to support others who may not be able to afford this. In case you are unable to make this contribution, please feel free to let us know and we will try and raise a scholarship for the same.

STEP 4 – Attend the Mutual Selection Round

In the Mutual Selection Round the participants get a live taste of the life of a khoji by participating in various processes and thus find out if the program serves them or not. By the end of this round, the participants and the facilitators together decide whether or not the participant is ready to join the program. This round is only for those seriously considering to become a khoji at Swaraj University. Parents cannot be a part of this round.

By the end of this round if you decide to join the program, then we request you to make a contribution of Rs. 7500/- to confirm your participation in the two year program.

The new cohort will begin their journey sometime by the mid of August 2019.


  • As soon as you register, book your tickets for Udaipur and inform us through e-mail with subject marked ‘Travel Plans’. Your parents can accompany you for the Orientation meet.

  • If you are seriously considering joining then we suggest that you book your tickets in advance for the Mutual Selection Round (30th July - 3rd August 2019). Parents cannot be a part of the Mutual Selection Round.

  • In case you are unable to attend the Orientation meet after registering for it, please inform us immediately so that others in the waiting list can attend in your place.

  • The venue for all Orientation meets and the Mutual Selection Round is Swaraj University’s campus in Udaipur – Tapovan Ashram. Please click here for more details on campus.

  • All participants are expected to stay on campus during both the Orientation meet and the Mutual Selection Round.

  • Stay arrangements for your parents will be provided on a first-cum-first basis and will be subject to availability.

  • If you are seeing this information after the ‘Send Your Introduction’ target dates / Orientation dates have passed, call us on +91-8764279302 and we will try and find a creative option.

If you still have queries write to us at or call on +91-8764279302 (only between 9 am & 6 pm).

Hope to see you soon!

Admission Process

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