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Concept of Contribution

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हिन्दी में समझने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।

What are the expected expenses for a learner at Swaraj University?

Today we see commodification of everything around us, including education. This is wiping out ideas and practices of deep learning, self-organizing learning communities and vibrant learning ecosystems. Hence, at Swaraj University we believe that learning should be free. This will not only help revive other practices of learning but also give us the opportunity to re-examine our relationship with money. Through this we can explore money in a holistic manner and experiment with the spirit of gifting, sharing, trust and abundance.

We don't have a concept of tuition fee at Swaraj University. However, to run this program we will incur expenses for lodging, boarding and travelling for each learner. For those whom it is possible we ask a contribution ag the above mentioned expenses. And if you can, your additional contributions will help to support other peoples' participation. 

For cohort 2019-21, the expected contribution to meet the cost of one learner (including stay, food, travel, campus maintainence, resource persons, stipend for learner's project, etc.) is Rs. 2,25,000 for year 1 and Rs. 1,40,000 for Year 2 per person (on a sliding scale). There are other options available on sliding scale. However, if you cannot afford this for any reason, then please let us know. We will try and arrange for a scholarship for you. Remember, nobody has been said no and nobody will be said no just because of money constraints.

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